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Member of Wessex Wargames Society of So'ton

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Its been a very long time since I updated this site.  Humble apologies.

New pics of recently completed commissions can be found by scrolling to the
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Wessex Wargames Society
of Southampton

WWS is a very well organised, friendly and informal club with excellent facilities which caters to all
abilities and interests.  Not only that it has pedigree, being Don Featherstone's old club.

Most of the popular periods and rulesets are played though there will always be takers to try out
whatever your interests are.

I quite often run games using rules by
Too Fat Lardies, also British Grenadier, Die Kriegskunst, Impetus
and Basic Baroque.

Meetings are generally fortnightly on Saturdays, with at least one 'all dayer' per month allowing a
proper chance to try out new rules and periods, or host large multi-player games in a relaxed manner.  
Drop by for a snoop.  You'll get a warm welcome.

No time to paint?
Keep meaning to finish that army?
Intimidated by that growing lead pile?

Give me a shout on fatwallyuk@yahoo.com.br and I'll see what I can do for you.

My rates are competitive starting from around only £1.75 per figure and my painting style uses
speed painting techniques and Magic Wash.  

I can paint most things but no 'Space Pixies' please. ;-)  

I will add that I only feel my skills and techniques extend to 15mm/18mm figures and 1/600th and
1/144th planes and
UK residents only please (...Sorry.  Too much hassle)

More details and to see examples of recent work

By popular demand
I'm also now selling custom made fencing for ACW/AWI.  
Lets face it you can never have enough, right?

I've had to revise the price upwards due to the time involved in making them,
but they're still a snip at
only £2 per 6" strip.

Based on textured plywood 'Lolly Sticks' with static grass and the odd Silflor grass tuft these look
really nice on the tabletop.  See below for pictures.

Note this does not include figures, which are just to give an idea of how nice these look
on table with figures.

Postage and packing are extra.

Others have said....

"Delighted with the fences - they look splendid, and I can't wait to get them on the wargames table
for their first outing!"

“Very nice, I’m most impressed with the speed in which you got them completed.  
I can see me ordering a few more. They are perfect for ACW.”  

"Aesthetically pleasing, cheap and functional too.  WOW.  Many thanks"

"Great job - more than happy with them"

""They are bloody wonderful Kev."


"I can't believe you made them so quickly. How do you do that AND get them to look so lovely?"

"All I can say is wow mate, very, very well done"