"Algernon Pulls It Off!"
I've long thought that the excellent TFL WW1 aerial rules 'Algernon Pulls It Off' is the poor cousin of 'Bag The Hun'.  It is a
fantastic set of rules which uses the same mechanisms and yet really captures the unique flavour of aerial warfare in the Great
War.  Rich Clarke has long promised a much needed revised updated version with better graphics in the not too distant future.

We are indeed lucky as gamers of WW1 air warfare that there now exists wonderful models in 1/144th scale prepainted, and with
wonderfully lozenge camo wings even.  These are increasingly expensive but can be used straight out of the box and are great for
both Dads and small children to play aerial games with.  However
Shapeways 3D printed planes turn out well with a little
preparation.  There are still a few F toys kits around from their Biplane Collection range too if you look hard or are prepared to be

These miniatures come with blobs as pilots/observers.  These can be removed and replaced by crew available from
Peter Pig and
Reviresco which greatly improves the aesthetics.  This task varies from really fiddly to mind numbingly annoying and not
something to attempt when you're tired, or in a bad mood as it will probably result in the plane flying for real, but into the nearest

Additional decals can be obtained from
Dom's Decals which helps to model particular Jastas or Squadrons, or like me make a few
interesting hypothetical machines.

Mervyn Douglas has made an FAQ sheet for Algy which he has allowed me to place on my site HERE
Kev's Tactical Tips For Algy
(aka how to survive and thrive)

My Luftstreitkrafte Planes

Royal Flying Corps Planes

You can read some of our antics using Algy;

'Bloody April' - April 1917

'Somme Like It Hot' - October 1916

'Last Flight of the Albatros' - May 1917

Vexed Without Hexes?...Not a bit chum
(Hexless Algy Playtest)

Balloon Busting
(Hexless Algy Playtest)