Balloon Busting
Another playtest of hexless Algy.  This time you'll forgive me as I'm not going to dwell too much on the mechanics
being tried out as they are subject to much change and conjecture.  I'm just going to concentrate on the story of the
game.  Clive and Nige braved the snow to take command of the Huns with me controlling the RFC.

October 1916, a German observation balloon at altitude 6 has been a cause for concern on this sector of the front.  Our
flight of intrepid RFC pilots is tasked with bringing down the balloon.   The table set up is shown below.

Four Nieuport 17's escorting a Nieuport 16 (up engined Nieuport 11) armed with Le Prieur rockets.  The four N.17's are
piloted by a Junior Ace, Veteran, Experienced Regular and a Sprog.  The N.16 is piloted by another Veteran.

Crossing the lines, Archie opens up.  The Junior Ace, streamers on struts, with the terrified Sprog sticking close, climb
to provide top cover.

Archie is very heavy, but surprisingly ineffectual.

The Veteran lines up on the balloon eager to get a burst in from close range but the balloon manages to descend a
level before he can get in a burst.

Next its the turn of the rocket armed Nieuport 16.  With an Archie Bonus card in the pack reflecting the usual high
volume of anti-aircraft fire accompanying balloons the N.16 takes two critical hits.  

The fuel tank is holed with aviation fuel leaking everywhere.  Worse still the pilot is wounded and blacks out sending
the plane into an uncontrolled spin.

No doubt attracted by all the Archie, the Huns arrive.  Two Albatros D.II's piloted by a Junior Ace and Veteran, with an
Experienced Regular in a D.I and a Sprog flying in a Halberstadt D.III.  The RFC Ace flying top cover uses his altitude
bonus to manoeuvre behind the enemy scouts, though much higher.

The Huns pounce.  The Experienced Regular gets on the tail of a N.17, and fires a long burst.  However the small size
and manoeuvrability of the Nieuport 17 are proving hard to hit.

With the Huns attention temporarily distracted, the RFC Veteran gets a good burst in on the balloon causing a few holes
but no serious damage.

The Nieuport 16 recovers at altitude 2 from its spin.  However no doubt weakened from blood loss the pilot black out
again and this time doesn't recover.

Time for the RFC to avenge their chum.  The Junior Ace drops onto the tail of the Hun Veteran and fires a long burst
into it.  KA-Boom!  The Albatros D.II explodes.

Now the Hun Ace is on the tail of a Nieuport.  DAKKA...DAKKA...DAKKA....  

Down in flames.  Jump, JUMP!

The RFC Ace is onto another Albatros and easily gets on the tail.  Another long burst and the Albatros has serious wing

Clive's Hun Ace to the rescue.  Though he can't get on the tail of the enemy plane due to the Nieuport's better
manoeuvrability his fire card comes up immediately....DAKKA...DAKKA....

Pilot hit!  Pilot killed.  Very clinical.  Clive has a wonderful knack of hitting and killing enemy pilots in Algy.  The
damaged Albatros manages to limp home.

With the skies emptying and Clive leaving, Nige and me decided to play just a couple more turns.  The Hun Sprog is
making for home but flying over the lines is hit by Archie.  KA-BOOM!

Down in flames.  Another Hun less to worry about.  Another empty chair back at the mess.

On practically the last cards the RFC Sprog makes a brave attempt on the balloon.  This is going to end in tears.

Amazingly, a burst from his Lewis gun and five net hits!  KA-BOOM!  The balloon collapses and falls to the ground.  The
Sprog has a kill!

The Game ended there.  Three RFC, two Huns and a balloon shot down, one Hun damaged.  Another typically bloody
day at Wally HQ.  But bragging rights to the RFC Sprog who got a balloon.

A lot of extra little bits and pieces since the first game and the first time Clive has tried hexless Algy.  He gave it the
thumbs up for feeling much more free and flexible.  There are obviously quite a few teething problems and issues that
still need looking at but its a lot of fun.

Planes all owned and painted by yours truly.

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