'Axis and Allies Naval Miniatures'
I have to confess I have always been a bit of a bomber fan.  I put this down to
being born and bred in Lincolnshire, known to the RAF as 'The Bomber County' for
its large number of bases in WW2.  I lived only seven miles from RAF Coningsby,
home of the then 'City of Lincoln' flying Lancaster and a mere 30 miles from RAF
Scampton of 'Dambusters' fame.

The recent release of 'Bag The Hun 2' by Too Fat Lardies and the expanded rules
for various bombing situations was like ambrosia to me.  Our gaming group had
penned a very basic set of rules to allow us to bomb shipping in the original BTH
rules but these new bombing rules are very, very comprehensive and in particular
attacking ships looked like being a lot of fun.
I had been using Navwar 1/3000th scale ships but I felt that greater amount of detail in the new rules demanded
more aesthetically pleasing models.   The trouble is I have an almost pathological dislike of painting ships, and
if I'm brutally honest, naval gaming.  

As luck would have it I came across pre-painted 1/1800th naval miniatures for the 'Axis and Allies - War at Sea'
game.  So far there are 164 various models covering all sorts of vessels with more promised for later this year.  
Luckily there seems to be a lot on e-bay at the moment so I picked up some ships for a couple of quid a piece.
These are made of 'soft' plastic and are really rather nice, though some have some ugly mould lines.
Unfortunately I discovered that if you try to remove the mould lines the paint comes off too (...of course you

They are designed as collectables and so some are quite difficult to get hold of.  There are only five merchant
auxiliaries, which is rather annoying as tackling Escorts and Destroyers is not a particularly successful venture.  
These 'rare' merchants can be quite a bit more expensive than the more commonly produced vessels but I
reckon they're amongst the nicest.

I decided to give my ships a quick ink wash to pick out the details and give a bit more depth to them.  They
certainly fit really nicely with Tumbling Dice 1/600th scale planes though I don't know how accurate they really

Pleased with the results I bought a load more.  The below pics are on a 1.5" hex Hotzmat, and feature Tumbling
Dice Junkers Ju-88, and Supermarine Spitfire Mk I for size comparison.  

Just to reiterate these are ALL 1/1800th scale.

Top to bottom:

HMS Fencer - Attacker Class, Escort

HMS Jamaica - Fiji Class, Light

Nordmark - German Supply Ship
(Ugly mould line, yuk)

USS Gunston Hall - LSD Class
Landing Ship

SS Jeremiah O'Brien - Liberty Ship
(*Really* nice model)

Kinai Maru - Japanese Auxiliary

HMS Javelin - J Class Destroyer

USS Samuel Roberts - WGT Class
Destroyer Escort (far right)

T1 Class Japanese Landing Ship

HMCS Sackville - Flower Class

Type 13 CH13 Japanese Sub-Chaser

USS St.Lo - Casablanca Class
Escort Carrier

You can even pick up some U-boats
for target practice too.  

A word of warning.  These come
fixed to a clear plastic base which I
removed, after much difficulty.  

(I damaged them in the process and
then had to glue them back together)

U-47 - Type VII-B Submarine

U-510 & U-66 - Type IX-C Submarines

Shokaku - Japanese Carrier (huge!  
My missus is right, size does matter)

Pegaso - Orsa Class, Italian Torpedo

Luca Tariga - Italian Navigatori,
Class Destroyer