"Bag The Hun"
'Bag The Hun' is an excellent set of WW2 aerial rules by
Too Fat Lardies.  
We have been using BTH along with its Battle of Britiain Campaign supplement
'Finest Hour' to fight actions set in the Summer and Autumn of 1940, Britain's

You can also buy 'Bogeys' markers too from Too Fat Lardies

Here are some pics of my collection of 400+ 1/600th aircraft
for the The 'Phoney War', Battle of Britain, North Africa and
the Mediterranean and the Far East.

Most are Tumbling Dice Miniatures bought through Dom Skelton at Dom's
Decals with a few Skytrex and Oddzial Osmy planes in there too.

Cloth is a 1.5" hex

Dom can also provide a full range of decals including those for 1/600th planes
and even mini magnets and inexpensive flight stands too.

For shipping targets I have recently discovered pre-painted 1/1800th scale
'Axis and Allies Naval Miniatures'.

View my modest ship collection and see my comments.
This page is dedicated to the memory of one of 'The few'.

Flt Eric Simcox 'Boy' Marrs D.F.C
152 Sqdn, Royal Air Force.

11 Confirmed Kills
(possibly including German 56 kill Ace
Helmut Wick!)

Died as a result of flak whilst on operations over Brest
24th July, 1941 aged just 20 years old.


'Gone but not forgotten'

2) LOW LEVEL ATTACK, Summer 1940.

3) VALLETTA HARBOUR, Summer 1941.