Low Level Attack
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Tired of always having those Me110's trying desperately to escort bombers with complete
lack of success?  This scenario offers something a bit different.  

Formed on July 1 1940, Erprobungsgruppe 210 became one of the Luftwaffe’s elite units.  

Erpro 210 was established from ex-Zerstorer, Stuka and fighter crews and was an
experimental unit tasked with fieldtesting the Me 110 and Me 109 in a, as yet untried, fighter
bomber role.  

The unit consisted of a Stab (HQ) and three Staffeln.  The 3rd Staffel flew the Me 109 with a
central 500kg bomb.  The Stab and remaining Staffeln featured the Me 110 carrying two
250kg fuselage mounted bombs.

Often making low level approaches in an attempt to foil Radar and fighter cover, Erpro 210
utilised a shallow dive as the method of attack and were particularly successful in attacking
shipping, radar stations, airfields and factories.  

Although the unit's Me 109 carried bombs pilots were ordered to protect the Me 110’s first
and would often jettison their load immediately upon spotting enemy fighters.  This
apparently added to the myth of fighters escorting Me 110's in the Battle of Britain.

This scenario is suitable for two or more players and features a low level precision attack
typical of the type Erpro 210 may have made.

The map below gives the table set up.

                                    Forces Required and Umpire Notes

Above are a selection of photos from when we played it.  

OK purists I know that the planes are not Erpro 210's but all aircraft are painted by yours
truly and are 1/600th Tumbling Dice Miniatures, courtesy of
Dom's Decals who supplied
planes, flight stands and decals of course.

Cloth 1.5" hex European Fields
Hotzmat overlaid with a Sea Green mat.  I cut around the
edges with a sharp pair of scissors to allow the hexes to match up exactly.  Built up areas
are made of card.

Radar Station
RAF Airfield