Sub Attack!  
Sunderland flying boat.  Can you as the Sunderland pilot get the sub before it dives to safety?
Set Up
1) Place an ‘Axis Bogey’ marker in a central location on the table.  

2) Dice randomly for the table edge that the flying boat ‘Bogey’ enters from.  Assuming that North/South are the
short table edges and East/West the long edges, roll a D6.  

1 = North,
2 or 3 = East,
4 = South,
5 or 6 = West.  These can be tailored to suit the geographical circumstances of particular campaigns and

‘Bogey’ arrives at altitude of choice.

•        As only one aircraft is featured it makes good sense to dispense with some of the cards (i.e. Altitude Bonus
and Formation Bonus).  
•        I would recommend making the Short Sunderland pilot a character and then use the ‘Pilot Generation Table’
to determine his ability, but count him as a Section Leader.
•        The Sub cannot begin to dive until it actually spots the Sunderland.

Scenario Options
•        Try the scenario with a Sub (or even two) rendezvousing with a supply vessel.  Provide an additional Bogey
marker for each vessel.  You could also decide to add some dummy bogeys to the scenario too.

•        Obviously you don’t have to use a Sunderland.  A Catalina, or perhaps a Beaufighter, would make an
interesting substitute.  Or, you could even try a Focke-Wulf Fw-200 Condor, Heinkel He-115 or perhaps an Italian
Cant Z506B seaplane attacking a British sub.  The Pacific also provides a variety of options.

•        You may decide to help out the sub and/or other ships by allowing some fighter opposition to arrive, a couple
of Junker JU-88C heavy fighters for example.  Add the ‘Blank Card’ and roll a D6.  If a six is scored then add a pair
of Axis Bogeys and roll randomly for their table edge of entry.

Cards Required For Basic Scenario
Axis Bogeys
Sub Move
Allied Bogeys
Short Sunderland Pilot Character Card
Short Sunderland Moves
Short Sunderland Fires
Junior Ace (?)
Air Gunners Fire
Bail Out

...The U-Boat begins to
dive, but is it too late?

...The Sunderland makes a
strafing run....

...Dead in the water the
Sunderland finishes her
off with depth charges.