10mm ACW/AWI Buildings

Visiting SELWG 2011 I had a chance to look at some lovely
Timecast 10mm buildings for ACW (and AWI really) in the flesh,
so to speak.  I have been using Peter Pig and Hovels buildings for my ACW games but these really have too big a 'footprint'
unless you use them for skirmish games, which I don't play.  

Timecast are one of the best manufacturers of quality buildings and specialise in the smaller scales of 6mm and 10mm,
though they do sell a limited range of 15mm buildings, along with the excellent
Landmark pre-painted buildings.  I can
never resist a nice building, so I bought a few.

These buildings are really superb with incised detail which allows dry brushing and washing to bring out the quality of the
casting.  I have taken comparison pics with my Peter Pig 15mm so you can see how well they fit in.  

I make my own bases for buildings and the structures aren't stuck down so that they can be moved for variety.

            Henry House, from Bull Run, foreground and two buildings from Bennett's Farm 1865 set

                                                       The famous Dunker Church from Antietam

                                                Farmworker's House from the Bennett's Farm set

                                                                 Brian Farm, Gettysburg 1863

                                                            Lee and Gordon's Mill, Chickamauga 1863

    This is my favourite so far of the Timecast buildings that I own.   It is a lovely casting and stands a whopping 3" tall.
                                                I can see this building featuring in a good many future ACW games.

Pleased with how  the Timecast buildings turned out I decided to add some of
Rod Langton's Starfort Models range of
10mm ACW buildings.  I bought unseen as Langton has a reputation for quality.  They didn't let me down.

As nice as the Timecast are, I was totally blown away by the Starfort models.  I've been collecting buildings for wargaming
for over thirty years and I must literally have hundreds.  These must rank as some of the best buildings I have seen in ANY
scale ever.  Superbly detailed, incised, clean, I am just amazed at how good these buildings are.  I bought six buildings and
once again using dry brushing and ink washing you almost can't go wrong.

                                                      Matthew's House (Stone House), Bull Run

                                                                     Clapboard Cabin

                These next two buildings come with white metal porches to attach.  Again the quality shines through.  
                                        The house below had little location plugs making it a very easy task.

                                                             Robinson House, 1st Bull Run

                                                        General Meade's HQ, Gettysburg


                                                    Timber Barn and Henry House, Bull Run

Usually I paint my wooden buildings in a chocolate brown with a light grey dry brushed finish to look like weathered wood.  
However, I decided to paint this barn in a red brown dry brush to give the impression of a red oxide finished building.  I've
read that red barns are quite a common feature of American farms, particularly in northern states, though not exclusively.  
It could probably do with being a bit redder to be honest, but I quite like it as it is.

                                  All figures, buildings and fields painted and scratchbuilt by myself.