"They Couldn't Hit an Elephant"
- Confederate Forces
With my Union forces, (see here) progressing well I decided I had to get some Confederate troops.  

Max and Paul have large Confederate forces but I just couldn't resist getting a 'small' Rebel force to allow me to
solo play.  The sheer variety of poses and equipment that Peter Pig provide meant that I kept adding and adding to
my collection.   Weak as I am, I soon amassed a force of 23 infantry regiments, 7 cavalry regiments and 6 artillery

As with my Union troops, my Confederate forces are not strictly historical.  I found myself painting units which had
nice or unusual flags.  Most of my Rebel regiments were bought with 1862 in mind so have more than one flag,
often a regimental or state and also a national flag.  I have seven Texan, four Virginian, three North Carolina, four
Louisiana, two Arkansas, a Kentucky and a Mississippi infantry regiments respectively.  I also have two infantry
regiments in skirmish order to act as dismounted cavalry with rifled muskets, or alternatively as sharpshooters.

Along with my rifled and smoothbore cannon I even bought some unusual
Williams, rapid fire, guns, and
'The Land Merrimack', a primitive railway gun.

I've also added quite a few figures from Peter Pig's Western gunfight range, particularly for the Confederate
Partisan units and homeguard.  I have plans to add some Confederate Native Indian regiments to my collection very


               Scroll down to the bottom to view the most recent painted figures.
4th Virginia
17th Texas
36th Virginia
12lb Medium Smoothbore Artillery Battery and Caisson
Brigade Advancing Into Action

All figures by Peter Pig.  

Flags by Cotton Jim via LKM, and Peter Pig.  

Painted by yours
Confederate Divisional Commander
Below are my first Confederate cavalry regiments.   The mounted figures are all brand new castings by Peter Pig
and are absolutely lovely to paint.  I chose which units to paint up purely by the nice flags they carried.  My Reb
cavalry are therefore a mix of Virginian and Texan units from Eastern and Western theatres.
                                                              1st Virginia Cavalry
5th Virginia Cavalry
4th Virginia Cavalry
Rebel Cavalry Brigade
Below are piccies of my dismounted Confederate Partisans.  These were a feature of the Western theatre in
particular.  I got them for a bit of variety.

These are mostly from the Peter Pig western gunfight range and are armed with rifles, pistols and shotguns.  They
are based on 2" x 1" skirmish bases.  

Pictures as soon as.  I'm also planning on getting some Confederate Indian units very soon.
10th Texas Cavalry.
Certainly one of the coolest flags of the ACW.   
You can't make it out but it says 'Strike For Your Altars and Your Homes' on the flags central white bar.
Confederate Divisional Commander, actually
sold as a Union one