My Dacian army also serves as a, 'Free Dacian', Carpi army.  They
both fought long and hard against Rome in the first to fourth centuries

The majority of my figures come from
Essex Miniatures though some
of the falx armed warriors are by
Donnington Miniatures as are the
unusual baggage items.

All figures were painted by me using mostly Vallejo and Games
Workshop paints.  Static grass is also by Games Workshop with grass
tufts by Silflor available from
Antenociti's Workshop.

Shield decals are by
Veni, Vidi, Vici.

All told the army runs to about 350 pts and almost 300 figures
These are a couple of my more unusual camp elements for Impetus.  

Above is the execution of some prisoners by falx wielding warriors whilst below human
sacrifices are made to Zalmoxis the Dacian deity.

All figures are by Donnington Miniatures
Dacian light horse supported by javelin armed skirmishers.  

These include figures sold not only as Dacians but also German, Welsh, Merovingian
Frankish and Saxons to allow a lot of variety.
       Below, warriors wielding the wicked looking falx.  

This was a traditional two handed blade and may infact have its roots, or infact be the same
weapon, as the earlier Thracian Rhomphaia.  There is evidence on Trajan's column that
some Roman infantry wore extra armour to be able to deal with the armour slicing capability
The unit on the right is by Donnington and suitable for
Bastarnae, Dacian's Celto-German
allies.  The remaining units are by Essex Miniatures.
                        Dacian warband roaring into action.  

Figures are all Essex with shield decals by Veni, Vidi, Vici.  These fought in a looser formation
than most 'barbarians' due largely to the hilly and heavily wooded terrain of Dacia.  Ambushing

These are used to screen and support the main warbands and to occupy all those woods
that Dacians are bound to have if defending.
Dacian Camp Element

Tent is by
Baeuda purchased from Magister Militum

As with all my camps the tents aren't stuck to the base allowing
them to be replaced by tents, huts etc.
More pics to follow....