Aurelian Middle Imperial
This is the army that never should really have happened.

When I received the Essex Miniatures Middle Imperial Roman DBA
army I realised that a lot of the figures were actually only appropriate
for a very early Middle Imperial Roman army. The Legionarii, for
example, were wearing
Lorica Segmentata segmented armour which
was perhaps widely used only really up to 235 AD.

The Lanciarii and light cavalry they puzzlingly supplied however were
wearing typical 4th century circular decorations on their tunics known
Orbiculi, more appropriate for a Late Imperial Roman Army.

I decided therefore to make two Middle Imperial Roman army's, a
'Severan' for the early period and an 'Aurelian' for the later period.

Essentially this meant mostly replacing the Legionarii, light cavalry,
Auxiliary Archers and Lanciarii.  Fortunately the majority of the cavalry
supplied can cover the whole 3rd Century AD.   The troops which had
been replaced then formed the basics of my Late Imperial Romans
All figures come from Essex Miniatures and were painted by me using mostly Vallejo and Games
Workshop paints.  Static grass is also by Games Workshop with grass tufts by Silflor available from
Antenociti's Workshop.


                               Praetorians in Scale Armour

This is the Essex Praetorian Guardsmen figure.  They are wearing a pattern of helmet which was
used throughout the 3rd Century but are wearing
Lorica Squamata or scale armour.  

This is a much more useful figure.  I decided to use this figure as the basis for my Aurelian
Legionarii by removing the box plume.  

I also used it based in loose order as my FL Vexillations Lanciarii.

                                                    Equites Clibinarii
                                  Also suitable for Late Imperial Romans

Three units of Legionarii with an attached General and screened by S Lanciarii

As described above these are the Essex Praetorian figure with the plume removed.  Also notice
that the General has a Draco as his personal standard.  This helps to create the impression of an
later Middle Imperial, Roman army.  I plan to have five such units plus a unit of
Praetorians in my full army.

                                       Skirmishing Lanciarii

For the Severan Lanciarii skirmishers I used Auxilia figures painted as lightly equipped
Legionaries.  With the Aurelian army I used the Middle Imperial Roman Lanciarii from Essex.  
Unfortunately, these had 4th Century
Orbiculi tunic decorations.  I decided to file this away and
Clavi instead.  These are typically 1st - 3rd Century tunic decorations consisting of two
vertical parallel lines running on the front and back.  

The Lanciarii in the red with purple decorations are actually Praetorian Lanciarii.  I don't know if
these even existed but every unit of my Roman FP has a single base of two Lanciarii figures
allowing them to combine with another such base to form a unit of Skirmishers.

                          Roman Auxilia Archers - T Sagittarii

I mixed the Essex bareheaded Middle Imperial Roman archers with their cap wearing Late Roman
Auxilia archers, added an Officer, Draconius and Cornicen to give a bit of variety.  I also mixed the
packs for the S Sagittarii too.

Two units of FP Legionarii, screened by S Lanicarii with rear supporting S Sagittarii, offer support
to T Auxilia Archers.

       ........More to follow