Early Ostrogoths
I chose Ostrogoths as an army for Impetus because they have masses
of skirmishers and cavalry, things highly prized by me, and I hadn't
This always makes for an interesting game though the combination is
not usually a successful one, not that that bothers me though as they
Ostrogoths can fight both Middle and Later Imperial Romans as well as
my other Carpi and Alan armies.

Figures are from
Essex Miniatures

All figures were painted by me using mostly Vallejo and Games
Workshop paints.  Static grass is also by Games Workshop with grass
tufts by Silflor available from
Antenociti's Workshop.

Shield decals are by
Veni, Vidi, Vici.

All told, with Alan mercenaries, the army runs to well over 450 pts and
almost 200 figures
What a pity their first outing was such a disaster HERE

                                                 Gothic Archers

These can form closer order units in Impetus as well as acting as skirmishers.  
I like to have a mix of the two.  Here three such units are supported by cavalry...
...whilst here skirmishing archers are used to screen four units of cavalry
and two units of Visigoth infantry
A Close Up of the Gothic Cavalry

These come from the Gothic, German, Dacian, Frankish, Viking and Saxon ranges of Essex
...and here they screen the main Gothic infantry force.
Early Visigothic Infantry
Many carry the traditional coffin shaped shields whilst I included some Dacian figures carrying
oval shaped shields, some Germans with squared off ovals and hexagonal  shield and some
Welsh with round shields for variety.
Gothic Travellers 4th Century style

A tent made from various bits and pieces, kids and dogs everywhere.
...Some things never change.

The tent is actually sold as an Orc tent by Baueda but I think it makes an excellent 'Barbarian'
More Gothic camp followers roasting a hog.

Figures by Donnington Miniatures.  Tent by Essex.  Thatched hut by Baeuda.
Mounted Gothic warrior returns with his captives
whilst some men load sacks of loot onto a cart.

The Goth is actually sold by Essex as a Viking.

Cart and associated figures are by
Corvus Belli  
More pics to follow...