Severan Middle Imperial
The Middle Imperial Roman army is often seen as a transitional one,
between the earlier reliance upon the Legion and the later period army
where cavalry and Auxilia seemed to have a dominant role.
The Lorica Segmentata was replaced by mail or scale and the square
scutum by the oval.  However, evidence seems to suggest that this was
a gradual process.  Again this allows the gamer to use troops which
have obsolete equipment allowing greater variety.

Middle Imperial armies have potentially more cavalry but really its an
Auxiliaries and mounted troops.

I think its perhaps the most interesting Roman army as unlike Early or
Later period armies, so little is just not known.  This gives a bit more
flexibility to the gamer.

Its also the army that first had to face the Ancient superpower that was
the Sassanid Empire plus widespread barbarian incursions into
western Roman territory.  

Lastly it is the army of civil wars of which there were numerous in the
3rd century.
My Severan Middle Imperial Roman army started out as three DBA army packs from Essex
were wearing Lorica Segmentata armour suitable up to about 240 AD.

I then decided then to make an Aurelian Middle Imperial Roman too.

The majority of my figures again come from
Essex Miniatures

All figures were painted by me using mostly Vallejo and Games Workshop paints.  Static grass is
also by Games Workshop with grass tufts by Silflor available from
Antenociti's Workshop.

Shield decals are by
Veni, Vidi, Vici.

All told the army runs to about 750 pts and almost 400 figures

                                         Roman C-in-C

        In Impetus most commanders are attached to a unit.

However, it is possible to have a detached General.  I'll probably never use one as such as it really
benefits to attach him but I couldn't resist painting this up...just in case.

           Figures are mostly by
Corvus Belli.  Tent is by Baeuda
More Roman Tents

A group of barbarian prisoners guarded by Legionarii are questioned
by a mounted Roman General.  

Tents by Baueda.  
As with all my camps the tents aren't stuck to the base allowing them to be replaced by
tents, huts etc.

The prisoners and the farrier in the background are by
Donnington Miniatures
Other figs are by Essex.
Equites Alares Roman Cavalry
supported by skirmishing archers and led by a General, advance.
Moorish light cavalry supported by Roman Horse Archers
Four units of Legionarii screened by Lanciarii skirmishers and flanked by Auxilia Archers and

In impetus Lanciarii can fight as skirmishers or as light infantry.  
For my Severan army I chose to use Essex lightly armoured Auxilia figures as Lanciarii.  
The Essex figures designed for Middle Imperial Lanciarii are really more Aurelian, or better Late
Imperial Roman, rather than those which would be likely serving with Lorica Segmentata wearing
Combined Lanciarii deployed as a unit of light infantry.  

These are the Essex Praetorian figure in scale armour with box plume removed.   
Equites Contorarium, Roman cavalry with lances, precursors of Cataphracts
supporting Roman Auxilia.

The Auxilia unit with the square shield is a unit of Cohors Scutata.
More Auxilia about to mix it with Dacian warbands
Roman bolt shooters with a General, Legionarii and Equites Contorarium in support.

The Legionarii and the General are all by Corvus Belli.  The Legionarii are wearing capes and
scutums and so are sold as Early Imperials.  However, squared scutums were still carried early into
the Middle Imperial period so I am happy with the compromise.  I like to think that they have a
'grizzled veteran' look about them.

I added an Imagnifier, a standard bearer carrying an image of the Emperor on a pole.

I have actually based these on an Impetus sized base rather than DBX style basing.  These
particular figures are slightly larger than the Essex ones so look better when on a single base
rather than cram them into 40mm frontage.
Corvus Belli also sell a terrific Roman work party...

Notice the Junior Officer using the
Groma to check alignment and his assistant scribe,
Legionarii using
Dolabrae and the Centurion with the vitis about to lay about a Legionarius who
is carrying half full buckets.

There are a couple of Essex figures in here also from their pack TT18
(Assorted Roman Camp Workers pack)
...and some lovely Legionarii and mules too.

The mules are the nicest I've seen in 15mm

For how a proper Middle Imperial Roman army should look check out
Phil Hendry's excellent site.

One of the nicest Ancient armies I've ever seen.  

Truly magnificent.

More pics of my efforts here soon....