"They Couldn't Hit an Elephant"
- Union Forces
I started my latest project, the American Civil War in 15mm, in September 2009.  

Max talked me into buying a Union Cavalry Division for 'They Couldn't Hit an Elephant'.  No one had much
cavalry in their armies and so a gap might be usefully filled.   I jumped at the idea.  Its no secret that I love
cavalry and skirmishers and unlike most gamers do far better with them than I do with infantry.

I looked at several manufacturers but settled on Peter Pig.  Martin was in the process of redesigning his
ACW cavalry so I decided to buy one Brigade's worth of old castings and one of the newer castings.

My stuff soon arrived and by painting during the kids afternoon naps, and during the evenings, work
progressed incredibly well.  I soon decided to expand my forces by adding a couple of Brigades of infantry,
then some more, then some more, and some more.  Before I knew it I was looking at thirty regiments of
Infantry, nine regiments of cavalry and eight artillery batteries.

My forces aren't strictly historical and are quite an eclectic bunch.  I have the Iron Brigade (2nd, 6th, 7th
Wisconsin, 19th Indiana and 24th Michigan),  Irish Brigade (63rd, 69th, 88th NY, 116th PA and 29th Mass.),
Wilder's Lightning Brigade (17th & 72nd Indiana, 92nd, 98th and 123rd Illinois), 54th Massachusetts, 20th
Maine, 1st US Sharpshooters, and even two Zouave units (14th Brooklyn Chasseurs & 155th PA 'Collis'
Zouaves) along with seven generic regiments.  I even bought two regiments in mostly prone positions for
something a bit different, a log signal/observation post and even a pair of primitive
Machine Guns.  

Each cavalry regiment has mounted and dismounted figures plus horseholders.

All in all I finished all 752 figures in just over five months.  I was also painting Confederates at the same
You can see my Rebels here.

                      Scroll down to the bottom for the most recent pictures
Artillery deployed for action
Limbered artillery
Sgt O'Rourke takes the
opportunity to unladen his
bowels before enemy action
Whilst his men unload a caisson
Cpl Flynn reads his latest copy
of 'Zouave Monthly'
Cavalry Division Commander
receives report of the Rebs from
a scout
Brigade Commanders
My first cavalry Regiment - Peter Pig 'Old' Castings.
Cavalry dismounted and ready for action, with horse holders to the rear.

My first completed cavalry Brigade and Divisonal Commander
Inspirational Commanders.  Note the 'Bible thumper' in the centre
Completed Infantry Regiment of five bases.  
Using Peter Pig miniatures you can make sure each figure is an individual,
(...if that's what you like)

Figures by Peter Pig painted by yours truly.  

Flags mostly by Peter Pig but a few
GMB Designs and Cotton Jim's

Essex Miniatures ACW Infantry Band

Flags by GMB Designs, Cotton Jim via LKM, and Peter Pig.  

Painted by yours truly
Union Infantry Brigade advancing
114th Pennsylvania Volunteers (Collis' Zouaves) below.
14th Brooklyn Chasseurs (84th NY Volunteers)
The Irish Brigade - 63rd, 69th and 88th NY Volunteers.  
First Regiment in firing line, second advancing and third marching.
Two more artillery batteries complete with caissons and limbers to the rear.
1st US (Berdan's) Sharpshooters
Colo(u)red Regiment

Infantry Division Commander
Iron Brigade - 2nd, 6th, and 7th Wisconsin Volunteers,
also known as the 'Black Hat' Brigade for their adherance to
wearing the 'Hardee Hat'
2nd Wisconsin Volunteers
6th Wisconsin Volunteers
12lb Medium smoothbore battery with caisson and limber
Union Regiment in Skirmish Order.  A mixture of prone and kneeling firing with
a kneeling command pack.
Peter Pig Union cavalry - New (and much improved) one piece castings

6th Michigan
A Peter Pig Confederate General painted up as Union Cavalry General George A. Custer.
Wearing his famous black velveteen coat with silver embroidery, green corduroy breeches
and signature red neckerchief.
                                       Union infantry armed with repeating rifles.

I actually intended to paint these up as part of Wilder's 'Lightning Brigade'.  However, they
appear to be armed with Henry repeating rifles and not the Spencer's that the brigade actually
carried.  It is only a minor quibble though and these chaps will see service in the West very

Hovels' Log Signal/Observation Post with Peter Pig Union gun crew added as signalers.