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This page will now feature my 'unusual' collections
from various manufacturers plus those of my
gaming buddies.

Jez's First Peter Pig Tanks
LKM/QRF Soviet OT-130 and GAZ67 Jeep
Peter Pig Surrendering Germans
Timecast South East Asia Range (painted for Western Desert)
Max Maxwell's Italians
Max Mawell's British
Max Maxwell's Americans
Max Maxwell's Fallshirmjager
Nige's Battlefront SAS/LRDG
Clivey's Battlefront Afrika Korps
Battlefront 8th Army
Battlefront DAK
The Square Resin Casts Range
JR Miniatures Stalingrad Range
Peter Pig Armoured Train, Russian Staff Car and War Memorial
Peter Pig Converted Gebirgsjager
Peter Pig Converted Soviet Cavalry
Skytrex German Assault Rafts and Dug In Troops
Fieldworks 10mm and 15mm Fortifications and Buildings
My Collection