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If you've not checked out items from this company my advice for you is to do
so.  Nigel makes some very interesting scenery items...

The Square, 7 Oakwood Road, Moordown, Bournemouth, BH9 3DF.  Tel

Rectangular Pillbox - Removable roof

FLaK Tower - Removable top section

Concrete Gun
Emplacement -
Removable roof
Thatched Houses with Limewashed Walls - Ideal for the
Eastern Front
Wood Pannelled Storehouses
Railway Sleeper
Walkway - 4 x straights
+ 2 ends
Small Boat Hulls

Blitzed Fountain

Blitzed Statue

Hurriedly Built Log

Mixed Pack of Rubble

Mixed Ballast Heaps


Goat/Pig Shelter                             Fountain

                          Large Haystacks

                   Brick Advertising Hoarding

Another fountain