Basic Baroque Foot Fest
This year I will mostly be playing more.....

Kicked off with another game of Basic Baroque, my fourth game of the year.  After the last game report several
people have asked me to explain our set up process this time round as it differs slightly from the 'official' line.  
The army list we used can be found
HERE.  Ok, Here goes.  

First both sides roll 2D6 and add a + modifier for the number of mounted units in their force.  Both of us went with
little cavalry, the Royalists choosing Veteran infantry instead.  So, Royalists add +3, Parliamentarians add +4.  
Parliamentarians score higher.  Thus they are the attacker.

Royalists are defending.  They choose 3-5 terrain pieces, but no more than two of one type.  Terrain pieces must
be 5cm - 20cm in size, or in the case of a hedge 20cm - 80cm long.  

Nige  chose one low hill, one smallish wood (difficult ground), two boggy ploughed fields (broken ground) and a
length of hedge.   The majority of the terrain must be outside of the armies deployment zones.  The deployment
zone is 15cm back fro the centre line and 12cm from each short table edge.

The defender can move, or remove, one terrain piece.  I moved a ploughed field from the centre into Nigel's
deployment zone (just to be awkward.  I'm like that).

The hill is located in front of the Royalist whitecoats (see below), with woods on one flank and hedges and fields
on the other.  

Nigel deploys first and must deploy at least 75% of units first  He goes for only one command.  3 x Gallopers, 1 x
Dragoons, 1 x Commanded Shot, 1 x Skirmishing Forlorn Hope, 1 x Artillery, 2 x Veteran Inf Battalia, 4 x Inf
Battalia = 13 Units in total - 28/14 VDT.

I then deploy my largest command; 4 x Inf Battalia, 1 x Commanded Shot, 1 x Light Art, 1 x Pistoleers, 1 x
Skirmishing Forlorn Hope = 8 Units; 15/8 VDT.  

As Nige has no second command he places the remainder of his one command on table, the three units of

I place my second command; 1 x Dragoons, 2 x Pistoleers, 1 x Trotters, 2 x Raw Inf Battalia, 1 x Artillery = 7 Units;
13/7 VDT.

Army total = 15 Units; 28/14 VDT

The hill.  A tough nut to crack with plenty of foot defending.  

Parliamentarian main battle line.  The Bibles are, out the Puritan preachers are ranting and psalms are sung.  
Notice the brave cavalry firmly in the rear.  The closest foot regiments are part of the second command and raw
hence the big gun nearby to dissuade any attack on them.  

Royalist right.  Gallopers firmly in support of two lines of infantry flanked by Dragoons in broken ground.  

Royalist left.  Forlorn Hope in woods with Commanded Shot.

Dragoons on the move.  Dragoons initially line the hedge then move sideways towards the hill.  Parliamentarians
stay steadfast, and singing Psalms.  No need to be hasty.  Give them a long leash and let them make a noose for
their Papist necks.  Prepare the way with artillery methinks.

Parliamentary army moves forward...and obliques, hence the disorder markers.  Skirmishing Forlorn Hope line
the hedge as Cavalier Gallopers advance disordered across the ploughed field.

The Roundhead light gun begins to really let rip on the Dragoons at short range.  The Royalist artillery opens up
on the Parliamentarian bluecoats.  The bluecoats eventually routed but stood the fire for plenty of turns allowing
a steady advance elsewhere.

Royalist whitecoats occupy the hill  Usually this is a fairly good thing, however 20 cm away is Roundhead light
artillery.  For the Royalists this is a very bad thing.

The Kings Lifeguard well equipped and armed to the teeth, advance rashly into a mess.  Hedges in front, broken
ground behind preventing all but one movement to the rear.  

Royalist right of centre.  Royalist Foot edge forward towards Parliamentarian Commanded Shot.  A Forlorn Hope
of skirmishing musketeers lines the hedge and starts shooting at the King's Lifeguard.

Parliament's right; Dragoons leading a column of Pistoleers which supports two raw regiments of foot.  In rear
support Trotters.

The Parliamentarian Forlorn Hope withdraws and moves over to their left flank.  A Royalist Battalia is stuck
disordered in the other ploughed field.  The yellowcoats are now lining the hedge supporting the flank of the
Commanded Shot who are blazing away at the enemy.  With no negative musket modifier they are blasting holes
in the Royalist ranks.  This is the first game in nine that Commanded Shot have proved useful.  

The yellowcoats cross the hedge disordered after taking a turn to cross.  To my surprise, in his next turn Nigel
charges with the King's Lifeguard in an attempt to prevent the enemy musketeers from emptying saddles at their

Nigel's moment of glory.  As they have not received 50% casualties the yellowcoats open up with point blank fire
on the Lifeguard.  

Amazingly the Lifeguard survive with no losses and melee.  Fortunately, cavalry don't count their Impetus factor
V pike and musket troops, so its pretty much 'even Stevens'.   The Lifeguard win and pushing back the enemy
foot.  It is but a minor setback. [sniff]

Time to turn up the pressure.  Parliamentarian Dragoons disperse the Royalist Forlorn Hope.  Raw
Parliamentarian foot contact Royalist Commanded Shot after avoiding any hits from their point blank fire.

Royalist shot routs!  But more of the King's Foot are advancing to plug the gap.  They are fired on by
Parliamentarian Dragoons shooting from the wood, with no noticeable effect, and charge the leading Roundhead
regiment.  The Roundheads flee in rout, but their second line routs the Royalist foot in turn.

Royalist centre collapses.  The King's Lifeguard charge the yellowcoats as they crossed the hedge for a second
time.  This time the horse routs.  Parliamentarian commanded shot routs the enemy royalist foot with dense and
sustained musketry.  The whitecoats rout after being blasted by light gun cannister.  Royalist Veteran foot charge
the gun routing it and take the hill however it is...Game Over.

14-5 to the Parliamentarians.  God and the Godly are victorious.  Praise be.  It must have been all those psalms.

All figures are 15mm Peter Pig, owned and painted by yours truly who took all the pics too.  

You can see some more of my collection HERE and read more battle reports HERE.

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