Basic Baroque English Civil War
Three Games in One Day

My resolution this year is to play more.

New year, new project.  Saturday saw my first outing of the year to
Wessex Wargames Society, Southampton for the 10-6pm
session.  I took my Peter Pig ECW collection and Basic Baroque (Pike and Musket Impetus).  The all day session offers a
chance to play big games or the opportunity to play a series of small games and try things new out collectively.

We used forces roughly twice the size of those in the Basic Baroque lists with two Generals per side.  
ARMY LISTS.  Also we
used a slightly larger 5' x 3' table.  There are a couple of other changes we add such as 1 to 3 'Roll of Destiny' re-rolls as this
tends to remove some of the excess 1/6 results.

Basically the lists were just a mechanism to get as many of my figures on the table as possible and have a fun time, but
allowing players to choose units to suit their tastes.

Brendan and I playing were Parliamentarians Vs Paul B and Derek (now both fully paid up members).  Brendan and Derek have
never played BB before. We played three games, all Royalist victories but fun nevertheless.

Lots and lots of Parliamentarian cavalry in Game 1.  Paul lined up six units of gallopers on one flank and Brendan told me to
deploy all my horse opposite. He said it would be interesting.  It certainly was.  Paul won in more or less the first charge.
Enough of my cavalry routed to push me over my breakpoint, and as I had the most expensive VD's hence the entire army
routed.  It took longer to place terrain and set up than actually it took for a Royalist victory.

Royalist 'Ladyboy 'horse-slappers

The Parliamentarian right flank about to get screwed!

Even the threat of a flanking Roundhead cavalry unit means nothing when the supporting second line of Cavaliers looms large.
Next turn both both leading Parliamentarian cavalry units are routed, score 6-0.  Then the flanking unit is hit by the Royalist
second line and routed. Score 9-0. We're at our breakpoint and entire command routs.  Army breakpoint reached.  Game over.
All done within 20 mins.

Game 2:  Brendan suggested we'd concentrate in one half of the table, largely ignoring Paul's gallopers.   Paul eventually got
over but basically it was almost all v. Derek.   A very stiff fight with Bren's Lobsters covering themselves in glory.   We even
managed to ride down the newly painted whitecoats. Twas not to be though as Paul manage to break the centre routing two
units of Reiters in the process. Great game, very challenging and much, much longer.

That's a lot of cavalry. Unfortunately this is 1643, and so its a lot of not-very-good-cavalry.

Royalist left. Paul again.

Foot massing on the Royalist right. Cavalry in the centre supported by light guns and three 'Rolls of Destiny' markers.

Royalist left swings round. Lots of horse-slapping ladyboys.

Paul's dice. Roll ten dice for an attack. Six or a double five = a hit.  Not over a three....and still we can't win a game. [Sigh]  But
you have to smile.  :-)

Royalist assault on the centre.

..and break it.

Game three. Brendan deployed all our foot against Paul's horse, protected on our flank by a ploughed field (broken terrain),
with a big gun behind it.  A game of manoeuvre but one where Paul escaped Brendan's attempt to pin him in a corner whilst
hitting him three turns in a row with artillery, throwing one dice per turn and needing a six to hit.  That's 216:1 chance.  Who
said Brendan always rolls low?

Derek's infantry advanced.  I routed one infantry unit but took too many casualties so that subsequent Royalist foot beat my
foot unit.

Paul's cavalry mostly escaped to the centre and launched an assault on the weak point, missing being hit in the flank by
Lobsters by 1cm (Brendan needed a 5 or 6 and rolled a four!) which may have turned the game.  Instead the Lobsters got
involved with two Royalist cavalry units and fought a blistering fight but eventually were routed.

I didn't take many pics of this one but here are a few.

Desperation sets in as I charge foot with 'Reiters', and almost prevailed.

Royalist Dragoons tie up two units. But are tied up and stuck in woods themselves.

Royalist Cavalry Facing a Tough Fight. The first unit is struggling but the second has just contacted the Lobsters to restart
melee again. Two units Vs one. Not good!

Everyone had a fun time.  All played in the best possible order though with lots of banter as per norm for our games.  Top

Brendan prefers FOG-R, which I've yet to try but is very popular at the club.  In fact I've not heard anyone prefer FOG-A to the
renaissance version.  Derek is going to try
The Perfect Captain's 'Very Civile Actions'  which are totally free, and a fantastic site
too.  I'd like to give them a whirl too.

Basic Baroque seem to do exactly what they intend to.  A relatively small straightforward game.  We're all still learning the
subtleties of the system and what effect they all have in varying situations.  One of the things I particularly like is the way that all
the games I've fought have been very different.  Read up on some ECW battles and you'll see that no two are similar really.  The
Impetus/Baroque system of Cohesion tests makes for a lot of uncertainty and friction which my gaming group loves.

Our only gripe was that the RE-CP (Reiter/Pistoleer) cavalry are worth 3 victory points, which is the same as the powerful
Royalist Gallopers.  I think we may well count them as 2 victory points in future.  However the 3 VP cushion helps to bolster the
army total VDT.

So the year is only five days old and I've already managed three games.  Plus I've updated this site with a report.  New Year's
Resolution intact.

All figures are 15mm Peter Pig, owned and painted by yours truly who took all the pics too.  You can see some more of my

I offer a UK resident 15mm painting service.  Click HERE for more details.