17th June 1775
This scenario is Lardified from the Partizan Press British Grenadier rules for our own group's  'Times That Try
Men's Souls' for the American War of independence.  

Paul B and Nige took command of the British with myself in command of the Rebel forces.

4' x 3' table set up is shown below;

                                                          Howe's men begin their advance...

                                                  Screened by Light Infantry in extended order.

Meanwhile, Pigot tries to turn the Rebel right by advancing through Charlestown and is headed off by
Robinson's Regiment in extended order...

   Stark's men behind the fence open fire on the British Light Infantry skirmishers but with little effect.

                             On Breed's Hill the Rebel ranks steady themselves for the coming onslaught.

                                        British Grenadiers led by Howe in person continue their advance.....

                                Whilst the British Light Infantry begin a galling fire on the Rebels in the fleches

The first assault of the British Grenadiers fails as the assault degenerates into a firefight which the Rebels,
protected by the earthwork, win causing the elite British infantry to fall back wavering.

Woodbridge's Militia Regiment is sent to shore up the Rebel right flank after Pigot's men force back Robinson's
skirmishers from Charlestown....

Woodbridge's men make a textbook charge at Pigot's head of column as they begin to leave Charlestown.  The
redocats flee in rout.

The Grenadiers second assault is stopped again with a firefight result!  They fall back permanently defeated.

                                     Breed's Hill is enveloped by smoke at the height of the battle

The 5th and 52nd Regiments of Foot assault the redoubt taking it at the point of the bayonet with ease after
amazingly the rebels run low on ammunition just as with the real action, and Paul B rolls high.

                                            The redocats pour into the redoubt after the rebels flee the works.


                                                             Clinton's brigade timely arrives...

...and the Royal naval bombardment sets Charlestown on fire with Pigot's men still trying to find a way out..

The 5th and 52nd Regiments in the redoubt fire repeated volleys into the flank of the Rebels at the earthwork as
the 'Tea Break' is drawn early on in successive turns.  The rebels begin to waver, then panic as Clinton assaults
the earthwork routing them.  Stark's men try to shore up the rebel defence but it is too little too late and the
rebel army flees in disarray.

The 'butcher's bill' reveals 700 British casualties, mostly Grenadiers and Pigot's men in burning Charlestown,
whereas the Rebels suffer 800 casualties.  A better result for Paul B and Nigel than historically.

       All figures Peter Pig miniatures owned and painted by yours truly who also took the photographs.

THE RAIL FENCE                                                                                           MOULTON'S HILL

                     THE FLECHES
                                                                                                    BOGGY GROUND