16th August 1780
Another scenario Lardified for 'Times That Try Men's Souls' taken from the Partizan Press British Grenadier
scenario books.  This is definitely a case of quality Vs quantity and a tough one for the rebels to win with a
restricted battlefield and poor commanders.

Nige took command of the British with myself in command of the Rebel forces.

4' x 3' table set up is shown below;

Rutherford's and Stevens's Militia Brigades in the foreground with Butler's and Gregory's brigades in the
background prepare for the British assault.

                 Gist's Brigade of Continentals form up on the other side of the causeway.

Webster's Brigade begins their attack as a sudden downpour lasting 20 minutes covers their approach
preventing the Rebel Militia from opening fire.

The first line of Militia panics and routs to the rear followed swiftly by victorious redcoats who capture a couple
of light cannon.  Thank heavens the rain has stopped.

On the British left, Lord Rawdon's loyalists advance upon Gist's Continentals and a sharp exchange of
musketry and cannister escalates.

Meanwhile back on the Rebel left the 23rd and 33rd regiments of foot assault and push back the rebels, though
the numerically weak British Light Infantry is permanently defeated after a firefight.  In the second assault the
entire Rebel left breaks in rout, fleeing the table sweeping away Armand's Legion cavalry.

Banastre Tarleton's cavalry and 71st Highlanders advance menacingly upon Butler's and Gregory's brigades
and a sharp firefight breaks out.

'Bloody Ban' gets all inspirational and leads a risky charge of his British legion cavalry.  Though disordered by
the lightly wooded terrain and outnumbered 2:1 the horsemen fail to rout but pullback out of harms way.

Lord Rawdon's Loyalists attack Gist's Continentals routing the Delaware regiment and pushing back the
Maryland regiments.  The Rebel army disintegrates in panic.  700 Rebels are casualties to 400 Recoats.

     All figures Peter Pig miniatures owned and painted by yours truly who also took the photographs.