Lardowitz 1813
This scenario was adapted from the 'Black Powder' rules's 'The Fighting Retreat of El Perez' scenario, available from Warlord Games.  
Originally the scenario featured an Anglo-Portuguese force trying to retreat off table in the face of relentless French pressure.  The path of the
retreat is blocked by a river which is only crossable at a small bridge close to a village.  Its the sort of scenario which is easily adapted for any
period and the sort of thing that is usually very good fun.

I decided to switch the Anglo-Portuguese for 1813 Prussians, and swapped the French for Saxons, as we always seem to have a lot of fun with
Prussian V Saxon encounters.  The Prussians were heavily outnumbered and out gunned, but it would take time for the Saxons to arrive on
table.  The Prussians needed to get 50% of their units off table to register a win.

I took command of the Prussians with Paul T,  faced by Nige as Saxon C-in-C ably assisted by Clive.

Basically, the game was defined by aggressive use of cavalry.  Initial Saxon infantry advanced got into some firefights with Landwehr, pushing
them back.  This  exposed the flank of the Saxon infantry to the Prussian cavalry hiding unspotted on a blind behind a low hill.  The Saxon
infantry were opportunity charged by Prussian lancers who routed two battalions and an artillery battery in a single turn of combat.  The
lancers then split the Saxon infantry Division cutting off the first brigade, from their supporting brigade trying to exit the town, with threats of
more opportunity charges.  It was looking decidedly dodgy for the Saxons.

Paul T prepared to cross the bridge by bombarding the French defenders, then charged his Landwehr cavalry over, in column of march
counting as disordered.  He was bounced back.

His artillery shook the defenders and he attacked again, blown AND disordered but threw double six, routing the French.  What a gutsy call,
and you guys think I'm rash.  Fortune favours the brave however,  and this time it worked.  The French were within 4" of the BUA who were
garrisoned by 'Brittle' troops.  These too routed as a result of seeing their comrades rout.

It was looking very good for the Prussians when Clive arrived.  Doesn't he always.


Saxon cavalry heavily outnumbered and out gunned the Prussian cavalry although the initial charges pushed back the Saxons.  The
difference was the supporting Saxon horse batteries who managed to cause 25% casualties before they charged in again.  The Prussian
cavalry put up a good fight but were utterly routed and dispersed.

Even the return of the Prussian lancers did little more than shore up the exposed flank.  

Nige and Clive's infantry now attacked routing the Prussian Landwehr and infantry back through Paul T's infantry as they were massing to
cross the river at the bridge.  

Utter chaos descended with the majority of the Prussians fleeing is total disorder chased by Saxon cavalry.

The Prussians managed to get six units out of the ten needed to win the day.

A really fun game and a bit different.  We all agreed that fighting retreats were a great idea for a scenario.

Although initially the Prussians did very well I should have changed Paul T's orders to attack earlier than I did which might have meant that we
crossed the river earlier.  Once the Saxon cavalry and Clive got involved it was just a matter of time....

Enjoy the pics.  I wish there were more my batteries gave up the juice towards the end.


                                                                          Table Set Up


                                                                   Prussian Blinds Deploy

                                                          C-in-C on the low hill with a brigade of cavalry hidden behind.  
         A detached brigade of four Landwehr battalions guards the road whilst a Prussian Infantry Brigade faces the bridge and Lardowitz.

                                                                First Saxon Blind Arrives.

                    I had Nige write down in advance the entry points on his table edge of the Saxon blinds, before my blinds deployed.  
      He was allowed a maximum of two blinds per turn to arrive and all units were on initial manoeuvre orders to march to Lardowitz.

                                                               Prussian Guns Open Fire
                         Paul T spots the enemy occupying Lardowitz and voluntarily deploys his artillery to bombard the garrison...



                                                      The Garrison Of Lardowitz Is Revealed.

                                  A French line battalion guarding the bridge and the Wurzburg Infantry Regiment occupying the village.  
                                       However Paul's artillery immediately shake the French and cause heavy casaulties on the enemy.

                                                       Landwehr Brigade Guarding The Road.

                         After appalling spotting the Saxons advance and close to automatic spot range forcing both sides to deploy.

                                                                      Saxons Advance

                                                                   The impeccably turned out Leib-Grenadier Garde lead the way

                                                                          Prussians Deploy

                                                                                    Dark masses are spotted manoeuvring to the bridge

                                                         An initial charge in column of march over the bridge is bounced back


                                              The Saxons Force Back The Landwehr

         However, only as a result of winning strength point sapping firefights which due to my lucky rolling actually inflicted more
              casualties on the enemy than received.  Being worse class than the Saxons the Landwehr were forced back Shaken.


                                                                                  Saxon Panic!

                            Prussian Uhlans have cut a swathe through the first Saxon brigade after a successful opportunity charge,
                                                 and are now threatening all movement with the threat of further opportunity charges.
                        Two Saxon battalions can be seen routing to the rear whilst the Saxon light infantry show the 25% casualties
                                                                      they have endured thus far due to firefights with the Landwehr.

                                                     Clive's Saxon Cavalry Arrive In The Nick Of Time
                                                                                                         Doesn't he ruddy well always!

                                                                           Death or Glory?

                                                                                                     Paul T's remarkably gutsy charge.  
                                        Blown Landwehr cavalry, disordered due to charging whilst in column of march V Shaken infantry.  
                                                                                                               Paul rolls a double six.

                                                                   Initial Prussian Success

         Silesian National Cavalry Hussars push back Prinz Clemens Uhlans whilst 2nd Silesian Hussars bounce back from Saxon Hussars

                                                                            Saxon Hussars

                                                      Prussian Infantry Begin to Cross the Bridge

                                                                     Saxons Threaten Again

                                                                                       Prinz Clemens Uhlans supported by horse artillery.

                                                The Saxon Hussars rout the 2nd Silesian Hussars.

                                                       Fortunately the Prussian Uhlans arrive, with horse artillery in time to  secure the flank.  
                                     By now the Landwehr and Prussian infantry were routing through one another near the bridge,
                                                                                                  and the Prussian force was in chaos.

                                      All figures Essex Miniatures owned and painted by yours truly
                                                                                                               LOW RIDGE

                                                                                          LOW HILL

                                FARM                                                                                                                                                      LARDOWITZ