Heister's Hessians at Long Island 1776

This game was played a several weeks ago and is loosely based on the scenario from the excellent Partizan Press British
Grenadier Scenarios, Book 3.  

It was basically just an excuse to get some of my newly painted Peter Pig Hessians on the table.

As we didn't have enough table space for the whole battle, which is huge, I decided to fight the left of the Rebel army.  

The scenario was a bit of a 'what if', and worked on the premise that for some reason the flanking movement by Clinton was delayed by at least
roughly an hour and a half (10 turns), and that von Heister's division of Hessians attacked in anticipation of the arrival of the British.  It allows for
Sullivan's and Ward's Rebel brigades to be reinforced by Parson's Brigade after 8 turns.   The Crown forces are to try and cause as many
casualties as possible routing the rebel force, whereas the Rebels are to hold the ridge until at least turn 12 after which they must try to withdraw
off table in good order by turn 18.

It should work really well as scenario if the Rebel forces don't know that their position is out flanked until the signal guns indicating the presence
of the British are fired.  As I DID know what was going to happen I decided to restrict myself to a historical deployment.

The Crown forces didn't know exactly what they were facing but decided on an aggressive advance.

Clive, Paul and Nige played the Crown forces whilst I played the Rebels.

                                                                            Below is the intial set up.  

                  The battlefield represents a low lightly wooded ridge with the Rebels blinds in blue defending.  
                            Von Heister deploys his three brigades; von Mirbach's, von Stirn's and von Donop's.

                                With no cover and with the enemy on higher ground the Hessians advance.

                               The right flank blind, 1300 men of von Donop's Brigade of Grenadier Battalions,
                                                accompanied by some Jagers, is easily spotted from the ridge.

                                                       On the Hessian left the 1400 men of von Mirbach's brigade,
                             von Rall Grenadiers, von Knyphausen and von Lossberg Fusiliers are also visible.

Sullivan's brigade of 1300 men is spotted uphill on the Rebel right, some troops using hastily erected fortifications.

     The Rebel left, Ward's brigade of 1400 men is also spotted.  They too have utilised some fortifications.  

                                                                 Two Rebel blinds are deployed behind the ridge.  
             Little do the Hessians know that one is a dummy blind and the other is just Israel Putnam the Rebel C-in-C.  
                        If the Hessians realise just how much they outnumber the enemy this could be a walk over...

                      The centre blind is revealed as von Stirn's Brigade, 1500 men composed of the Erbprinz Fusilier
                                                               and von Mirbach and von Donop Infanterie Regiments.

                                                           The Hessians draw near the Rebel held ridge....


                                                                von Stirn's Brigade begins to ascend the slope...

                            But the defenders are ready and send volley after volley into the massed blue ranks....

                                           von Mirbach Infaterie Regiment trades volley for volley with the Rebels....


                         Erbprinz Fusilier Regiment assaults with the bayonet with von Donop Infanterie Regiment
                                                                              providing support in reserve...

                                                         ....and forces back the defenders with heavy losses...

                   Von Heister now realises that he is only facing two weak brigades and tries to push forward.

                 As their activation card fails to come up for several turns von Stirn's Brigade stalls in its attack.

                                          ...allowing the Rebels to blast them with cannister and musketry.


                          von Mirbach's Brigade is supporting the left flank of von Stirn and continues to advance.

                                                             The defenders are calmly ready and waiting.

                                           Enemy skirmishers are sent out to harass the advancing Hessians...


                     .....who respond with volleys, and a spirited quickening of pace chasing off the skirmishers.


              Rebel close range musketry and cannister begin to cause heavy casualties and the attacks stalls...

                                Suddenly Rebel blinds appear in the distance...reinforcements are being sent!

   von Stirn wisely decides to consolidate his position in view of Parson's brigade of 1500 men advancing upon him.

                                                                            It is too little too late however.

      On the Hessian right von Donop's Grenadiers have at last made some headway and begin to roll up the rebel left.

     With casualties mounting and now suddenly aware of the British flanking force the Rebels start to disintegrate.


                           von Stirn orders a last assault and the Rebels flee in panic back to the Brooklyn lines.

                                                                   Victory for the forces of the Crown.

Considerable Hessian casualties give testament to the dogged defence of the Rebels, who have also suffered accordingly.

                         All figures Peter Pig Miniatures, painted and owned by yours truly who also took the photos.