Pigot's Attack at Newport
29th August 1778

Another scenario Lardified for 'Times That Try Men's Souls' taken from the excellent Partizan Press
British Grenadier scenario books.

I recently got in touch with the Wessex Wargames Society of Southampton, who have regular fortnightly
Saturday meetings, about the possibility of attending one.  Our group are not exactly 'club animals' but I am long
fed up with how the clubs in and around Southampton don't seem to talk to one another and yet the area is
heavy with wargamers, being the home of Don Featherstone etc.  I get the occasional Saturday free of the wife
and kids and Paul too had a weekend spare so we decided to put in an appearance and test the water.

We offered to take an AWI game with us and Dave from the club happily filled the five players we needed.  I
umpired and Paul was my invaluable keen helper and mentor to both sides.

Whilst recognising that Lard is not for everyone, the bottom line was that I wanted everyone to enjoy themselves.
 If they liked even a bit of the rules we would be more than happy.  As it turned out they liked a lot of the rules
and the feedback that we obtained was very, very useful.

We adapted
Pigot's attack at Newport and below are some of the better pics.  The Rebels won after the forces of
the Crown were forced to withdraw after taking heavy casualties but the affair was very close indeed.  I took
loads of photos but must have messed up my camera settings as most of the photos we unusable  Below are the
best pics I could find.  Apologies.

     The forces of the Crown (red blinds) begin to arrive with the Rebels (blue blinds) deployed in depth.

          Greene's Brigade (Smithy) defended the Rebel right flank making excellent use of the terrain
                                                              to bolster his largely green rebels.

                                                          More Crown forces arrive under blinds

Glover's Brigade (Darren) deployed defending the bridge and stream also making use of the walled enclosure

           von Lossberg's Brigade (Alec) of various German troops attacked the bridge and stream

                                     Whilst Smith's Brigade (Dave) attacked the Rebels behind Turkey Hill

Greene no doubt looking tentatively towards the growing numbers of 'Lobsterbacks' advancing upon his position

                                  Rebel heavy artillery sited in redoubts begins to take its toll of the redcoats

                                                      von Lossberg  keeps trying to cross the stream

                                                                              Smith attacks Greene

                                          ...and after a hard fight manages to take a walled enclosure....

                              ....pushing all before him but accumulating casualties by the cart load.

                            Varlum's Brigade (Graham) is occupying the fortifications to the rear of Greene
                                                              (apologies for the poor quality photo)

                                   Smith presses on (the wild and crazy fool) but fortune favours the brave

    von Westerhagen's Hessians (Alec) eventually arrive but are too late the Crown forces are forced to retreat.

von Lossberg managed to eventually cross the stream and attack Glover but the stone walled enclosure became
a redoubt and failed to fall to the enemy.  

At one stage it was successfully bypassed by German troops but artillery from the lines of fortifications and
skillful use of reserves by Darren meant that all incursions were fought off.  

Smith managed to actually push back Greene, cross the fortifications and it indeed looked for a time like victory
would go to the Crown.  Casualties were substantial and though von Westerhagen arrived and managed to cross
the stream, the army was fought out.

Victory to the rebels.

My thanks to all the chaps who made us feel so welcome at the club.  Great venue, great company.  We shall
return.  Big thank you to Alec, Smithy, Dave, Darren and Graham and to Paul for providing some welcome

All figures peter Pig owned and painted by yours truly who took a few half decent pics.  Sorry there's not more.  
next time I'll bring a photographer too.