Had a great game of Impetus at the Wessex Wargames Society of Southampton.  Big Kev at the club was keen to try out Impetus having fell out
of love with FoG.  I hadn't played a game of Impetus in six months but fortunately Paul B was on hand to mentor Kev and help out with rules.

I asked Paul to work out three different Lancastrian armies and then let Kev choose one.  Kev picked one at random, and he and Paul, took
command of the Lancastrians who had many Northern Border Foot and Scottish Allies amongst their ranks, split into three commands.

I commanded the Yorkists which included Burgundian Handgunners and Continental Pikemen, and split into two commands.

Victory went to the Lancastrian Lap Dogs after a bitter scrap. Here are a few pics.

The Lancastrians had two mounted units to the Yorkists one but were the defender.  Paul chose a mix of woods, hills and a marsh after failing to
get a river.  I moved a wood and a hill to protect flanks.

Below is the Lancastrian main 'Battle'. Northern Border foot are massing on the Lancastrian right flank but with a marsh protecting their flank.

The brave Scots holding the right flank of the Lancastrian army and holding a small hill.  As its been a while since we had played we forgot that a
better deployment would have been to deploy the Scottish dismounted Nobles as part of a large pike unit.  The unit's VBU would then have been
5 and I=2, and the whole large unit could then be considered to be armed with pikes.  As it was the nobles were deployed separately, behind the
large pike units.

Yorkist Continental Pikemen advance supported by dismounted Nobles and Retinue Billmen. In the background the Yorkist longbowmen far
outnumber their Lancastrian counterparts, but will they outshoot them?

The Scots advance, slowed up by the Yorkist handgunners.  These Burgundian supplied troops evaded all attempts to engage them and then
occupied a small wood on the flank of the Scots, continuing to be a nuisance.

A moment of mirth.  The Lancastrian light guns throw three dice and score three hits (sixes).  This is despite the fact that I actually forgot one of
the detached gun models.  Four large units of Lancastrian Northern Border Foot are finally managing to negotiate around a marsh.

Scotland the Brave. "A'way ma wee laddies".  Stung by casualties from the handgunners and seeing that they were in danger of being ignored
by the main Yorkist force the Scots wisely advance towards the Yorkist right.  

Northern Border Foot pour forth from the Lancastrian right.  The Yorkist retinue longbowmen facing them had been significantly weakened
having being surprisingly outshot by their Lancastrian counterparts.  Even still the Yorkist heavy artillery played upon them causing a string of
long distance casualties.

Over on the Lancastrian left, the Scottish pike have forced the flanking longbowmen back when a furious assault was launched by Yorkist Nobles
and Billmen with their commander, claiming their impetus bonus, and caving in their centre hacking and stabbing frantically in an effort to buy

Lancastrian Border Foot assault second line Yorkist Shire Longbowmen, assisted by the hand of God (Paul).  I actually won the combat but
managed to roll a six for a cohesion test.  Having used all my rolls of destiny earlier trying to stem casualties from the Lancastrian longbowmen I
am forced to remove the entire unit.  Yorkist casualties are racking up.

The Lancastrians are suffering too.  Paul's victorious Border Foot receive casualties from the Yorkist heavy guns.  My Currours occupy a small
hillock to their flank, flanked by Lancastrian Border Staves and Hobilars, whilst reserve Shire billmen protect their rear.

The Yorkist Currours deliver a flank charge into the disordered Northern Border Foot.  If they win it could have huge consequences for the
Lancastrians as the entire unit charged in flank will be routed.  In this key combat the melee is drawn (sob), and the Lancastrians survive.  The
subsequent turn, the Currours themselves were charged in the flank by the next large unit of Border Foot and routed.

With the Yorkist C-in-C leading his Nobles into the fray in an attempt to break the enemies centre, the Lancastrian C-in-C leads his mounted
nobles in a devastating attack.  Both sides units are disordered and combat fragmented.  The game is up with the Yorkist C-in-C being killed and
the Lancastrian nobles routing their opponents.  On the Lancastrian left earlier in the turn the Yorkist command had broken and tipped the whole
army over the break point but I wanted to play the turn through to the end to see what happened.

Big Kev really enjoyed the game and Paul and me had a hoot too.  Usually our Wars of the Roses games centre on longbow fire but this one
quickly dissolved into a mass melee.  

The army choices covered all the main troop types for Wars of the Roses in Impetus and Kev got a really good idea of the strengths and
limitations of the armies.

All figures are Peter Pig owned and painted by myself.

Wessex Wargaming Society is a large and very friendly club which offers Saturday wargaming sessions to those looking to escape.  I am now a
very happy fully paid up member and looking forward to inflicting more Impetus and Too Fat Lardies gaming on them in the future.
Wars of the Roses - Impetus
Wessex Wargames Society Southampton