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Recent Comments From Satisfied Customers
“They look better 'in the flesh' than the pictures, so thank you very much for that” – SL

“Wow, Kev! They look great!” – DH

"The figures are even better than the photos" - JP

"No criticisms at all!  I am absolutely chuffed! The figures look fantastic!!  I really am welled up!" - JS

"I am continually amazed how you paint so quickly and yet the figures are absolutely fantastic.  How do you do that?  It
makes me sick" - NB

"I shouldn't say this, but should you really charge more for work of this level?" - CD

"They are lovely !! Too good to use in a wargame" - MB

"Many thanks again for an excellent service" - RG

"Superb paint job with two thumbs up from the entire family....
Really pleased with all aspects of the process" - PT

"They all look excellent. In fact they’re better than in the photos." - NM

"WOW just WOW, stunning, I am so pleased with them, thank you so much" - SL

"WOW they are bloody beautiful! Really really happy with them" - PT

"WOW - delighted doesn't come close, they are really beautiful. Thank you so very much indeed." - RM

"The figures are fab the pictures don't do them justice. Really pleased with them." - PD

"The figures are superb, better than I expected" - DB

"They look great ‘in the flesh’ and I am very pleased with your work" - SL

"They are magnificent and I am really, really pleased with them" - RL

"They looking great mate. Happy as a man with two willies" - MR

"They look excellent thank you; I’m very pleased and thanks again for going the extra mile to get these done in time"
- SL

"Awesome! They look fantastic.  Thank you so much for what you have done for me" - KS

Recent Work Below...

Blue Moon 18mm ACW for 'They Couldn't Hit an Elephant'

AB 18mm Napoleonic Russians for 'Le Feu Sacre III'

Peter Pig 15mm American War of Independence

Splintered Light 15mm Pagan Saxons for
Dux Brittaniarum

Splintered Light 15mm Romano-British for Dux Britanniarum

Peter Pig 15mm Modern US Infantry

Tumbling Dice 1/600th planes for
'Bag the Hun' Western Desert

Peter Pig 15mm ACW Starter Armies for
'Civil War Battles'

Confederates - Lots of variety with almost no two figures the same.  Red flower tufts.

Union - More uniform, but still much variety.  Yellow flower tufts.

Tumbling Dice 1/600th planes for
'Bag the Hun' Battle of Britain.

Shapeways 1/144th WW1 Planes for
'Algernon Pulls It Off'

Peter Pig ACW Confederates for 'Longstreet'

Lots of variety in dress and pose with barely two figures the same and again using red flower tufts
for a splash of colour.

Infantry flags have that battle damaged look after being introduced to a red hot needle, and are
from GMB Designs

The finished army ready for the tabletop.

More Peter Pig AWI.

This time linen flags from Maverick Models were used and occasional purple flower tufts

A nice British Brigade

....or two?

Elite British Infantry Brigade perhaps?

Or even a Loyalist Brigade?

or perhaps some Light Dragoons?

Peter Pig Covenanters for
Basic Baroque

Lots and lots of headswaps

Fire and Sword Miniatures Cossack Skirmishers for
Fire and Sword

Blue Moon Union Cavalry for TFL 'They Couldn't Hit an Elephant'

Peter Pig ECW

Old Glory ACW

Again red flower tufts on Confederate basing, yellow ones on the Federals

Fire and Sword Miniatures

Eureka SYW Prussians

Blue Moon SYW Russians

More Peter Pig ECW

Old Glory ACW  


AB & Warmodelling Napoleonic French

Peter Pig Hessians

Legio Heroica Saracens

Thanks for looking.  More new stuff soon.

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