Scratch Built Covered Bridge
Now, I've made the odd building in my time, (particularly windmills in fact) and I'm a fair hand with the old glue and odds and sods but, hand on
heart, I'm not terribly enamoured with scratch building items for my tabletop.  I suppose I see it as just getting in the way of painting and
playing.  Sometimes you just need that certain something to set a table off.  

Often a feature in America, covered bridges are a terrain item sadly lacking in 15mm.  I decided to make myself one from plastic card and
cocktail sticks.  

The assembled bridge was given a black undercoat, chocolate brown base coat, lighter brown dry brush, wash with ink, and a final light grey
highlight to look like real weathered wood.  I finally added a bit of green damp to a few corners and beams.  Using Superglue the whole thing
took less than two hours from start to finish and I'm quite pleased how it turned out.

This should be an attractive item to some of my ACW and AWI games of the future and really sets the table set up as being in America and not in


                                                                                                 Figures are Peter Pig by the way.