This page will now feature some of
my collections from various
manufacturers plus those of my
gaming buddies.

Battlefront 15mm Africa Korps
Battlefront 15mm 8th Army
Battlefront 15mm SAS/LRDG

Clive Duckering's 15mm Afrika Korps

JR Miniatures Stalingrad Range

Max Maxwell's Napoleonic Prussians

Max Maxwell's WW2 Italians
Max Maxwell's WW2 British
Max Maxwell's WW2 Americans
Max Maxwell's Early WW2

Peter Pig 15mm Union ACW
Peter Pig 15mm Confederate ACW

Peter Pig 15mm American War of Independence British
Peter Pig 15mm American War of Independence Rebels
Peter Pig 15mm American War of Independence Hessians

Peter Pig 15mm Converted Soviet Cavalry
Peter Pig 15mm Late War and Zeltbahn Wearing German Infantry
Peter Pig 15mm Surrendering Germans
Peter Pig, Battlefront, Plastic Soldier Company and Zvezda WW2 Eastern Front Winter Warfare

Peter Pig 15mm Wars of the Roses

Skytrex 15mm German Assault Rafts and Dug In Troops

Timecast and Starfort Models 10mm ACW/AWI Buildings
Tumbling Dice Miniatures 1/600th WW2 Aircraft

Wings of War/Glory,Skytrex and Shapeways 1/144th WW1 German Aircraft

Wings of War/Glory, Skytrex and Shapeways 1/144th WW1 British Aircraft